Marcia Ball – “Roadside Attractions”

Marcia Ball - Roadside Attractions

Marcia Ball

Roadside Attractions

Alligator Records – Release date March 29, 2011

We’ve been listening to Marcia Ball for a long time and have developed expectations. ‘Roadside Attractions’ scratches all those itches with a twist or two. The biggest change is that she’s either written or co-written all twelve tunes. It’s her best hookhangin’, sadder but wiser, rockin’ the boogie, sweet and soulful, funky barbeque recording yet. It’s all stirred up and served with that rollin’ piano and a voice that’s still strong with the depth of years, humor, and experience shining through. This CD sounds like Marcia Ball’s musical cross-section of Americana and a joyous journey by bus through the small places on  the  road  that  will  always  exist and should be celebrated. It’s a wonderful album and I’ll bet you’ll think so, too. Guaranteed.

John Heim  a.k.a. “Big Mo”

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