Reverend Raven – “Shake Your Boogie”

Reverend Raven - Shake Your Boogie

Reverend Raven

Shake Your Boogie

Nevermore Records – Release date Oct. 12, 2010

Shakin’ with The Rev

Reverend Raven and the ChainSmokin’ Altar Boys (one of the coolest band names ever) are rockin’ my world with their new release ‘Shake Your Boogie’. The CD jacket quotes Reverend Raven: “Recorded live on stage at The Miramar Theater, Milwaukee WI with a minimum of overdubs in two different sessions with two of my favorite line ups.” The biggest difference in the two line-ups (without typing 9 names) is Madison Slim/harmonica on four tracks and tenorman Big Al Groth on the other nine both playing strong solos and foil to The Rev’s fabulous guitar. Both rhythm sections are tighter than the bark on a tree and the Rev keeps things stirred up with some smokin’ hot solos. It looks like seven treatments of blues classics like “She’s Murder” & “Bricks In My Pillow” along with new material from The Reverend, Gerry Hundt & the rest of the band. The production, recording, mix and package are first rate. Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys “Shake Your Boogie” is $25.94 in a CD but the download is $8.99 on Amazon. They’ll put some shake in your butt!

John Heim a.k.a. “Big Mo”