Eddie Turner – “Miracles and Demons”

Eddie Turner - Miracles and DemonsEddie Turner

Miracles & Demons

Northern Blues – Released July 13, 2010

Miracles and Demons, the third solo release from Eddie (Devilboy) Turner is a pure unadulterated bluesy treat, but it‘s not what one would call a traditional blues album. Strong rhythmic beats, smoky vocals, heady and psychedelic lyrics, fantastic guitar playing and a great backup band are all attributes which make this CD quite pleasurable. Miracles and Demons starts off with “Booty Bumpin’”, a high energy blues rock selection and escorts the listener through the remainder of the thirteen track labyrinth of sound and emotions.

‘Say’, kick-started with a slow countrified slide guitar, evolves into a funky jam about the pain that goes along with a sudden breakup. Turner sings, ‘Why don‘t you say? Why don’t you say? My tears are falling .. My tears are falling from the sky’. This is definitely a favorite.

Lightening up the mood a bit with “Monkey See, Monkey Do”, Turner shows off his fun side. Then, just when one thinks they know the direction in which the musical vehicle they are riding is heading, Turner takes a hard left and pulls the listener into a jazzy nightclub for “In the Morning”. This is the perfect companion piece to Van Morrison’s “Moondance”.

Title tracks “Miracles and Demons” and “Miracles and Demons (part 2) are the closure points of each half of the album. The former, clocking in at just a bit over two minutes, is the thinner half and is a bit more raw. The later, more echoic, sports heavier guitar and more production effect.

I have got so much enjoyment from listening to Miracles and Demons, Eddie Turner has now been added to my list of favorite artists.


Phil Smith