May 13, 2011

Publishing Policies

LCBS Event Publishing Criteria and Policy

Artists, venues and promoters are welcome to submit shows and other events to the online LCBS Blues Calendar at no charge. Submissions to the LCBS Blues Calendar are the source for all our event-based publications, including the Bluespaper, the BluesBlast weekly emails and our online calendar. All submissions are subject to LCBS approval based on the criteria below. Please refer to this information if you have any questions about how we review, approve and distribute submitted events.

As a matter of policy, we view the online LCBS Blues calendar as being open to any event we believe might be of interest to our members, subscribers and visitors to our site, and because the Blues has in some way informed most American popular music, we will include most live music in our general area in our online listings. As a feature of membership, we provide our members with certain communications that keep them up to date with entertainment listings, reviews and other editorial content, namely the BluesBlast weekly emails and home delivery of the Bluespaper, which is published monthly. The BluesBlast emails will include all approved events from the online LCBS Blues Calendar, regardless of genre or location. The Bluespaper puts more focus on traditional and mainstream Blues, and will include content we deem to be of interest to our membership. Due to publishing deadlines and space constraints, the event calendar in the Bluespaper will not include all events on the online calendar. Criteria for the selection of events to be published in the Bluespaper will include date of submission, relevance to our membership, and available space. We want to be as inclusive as possible to serve artists, venues and the general public, while providing our members with the Blues focus they have come to expect.

We take seriously our charter to promote as many Blues-related events as possible, and we also reserve the right to both filter and feature content based on the capabilities and limitations of the various media we publish and the audiences those publications serve. Questions or comments regarding this general policy or any specific listing should be directed to the LCBS president for review.